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Global Games, guided tour : "Second Empire, the Belle Epoque, Golden Age of Vichy"
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Publié vendredi 12 mai 2023 à 10h32

At his arrival in Vichy, the Emperor Napoléon III pronounces this sentence: “I will try to make my presence useful in this country”.

Indeed, his five stays (1861-1865) in the station will change the image of the city: designed with boulevards, the construction of a Casino-Theatre, parks, a town hall and several examples of domestic architecture, including the magnificent chalets next to the Allier River.
Between 1900 and 1910, hotels, spa edifices and other entertaining places are modernised: the Opera House, the Spring Hall, the Grand spa building make Vichy enters into one of the most brilliant period of its history. The Golden Age of the city is thus consecrated.

Overview of the visit: The Park and the Spring Hall, the facade of the Palais des Congres-Opera, the Strauss Villa, the Park and the Napoléon III Chalets, Napoléon III galleries, the houses with bow-windows.

Location: Spa district

Accessibility: for everyone!

 Vichy Destinations (Office de tourisme) - 19 rue du Parc - 03200 Vichy

  Vichy Destinations (Office de tourisme)


  •   mercredi 7 juin 2023 de 16H à 17H30
  •   vendredi 9 juin 2023 de 16H à 17H30


Plein tarif : 9 €, Tarif réduit : 6,50 €. Gratuit pour les moins de 8 ans.

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